Data Visualization


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Caltech

Interactive web-app allows users at the Meyerowitz Lab to segment 3D images of plant cells. Planes of the images are visualized with Canvas; 3D renderings are computed with the watershed algorithm and raycasted with Three.js. Thiago Spina wrote the original database connection and foundation code.

The State of Boston Transportation

Central Transportation and Planning Staff

Comprehensive dashboard of data (geospatial and non-geospatial) visualization on transportation metrics (bike/pedestrian/truck crashes, arterial and expressway congestion, bridge condition, pavement condition, sidewalk counts, bicycle facilities, and demographics). Development involved HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Node.JS, and D3.JS. Datasets carved from ArcGIS and other departments of the Central Transportation Planning Staff. The dashboard is now live.

Transportation Improvement Dashboard

Central Transportation and Planning Staff

Interactive D3 web-app allows users to distribute project funding and compare resulting scenarios. Visualizes each funding scenario through targets and investment category distribution. Prints a .csv file which saves progress.


Central Transportation and Planning Staff

Interactive D3 web-app exploring how funding distribution affects minority and low-income bus routes. This internal tool allows users to understand how they can minimize impact on ridership by adjusting service hours in different routes.

Save Our Programs

Asian Pacific Americans for Action @ Cornell

Collection of student testimonials about the value of Asian American studies, Africana studies, American Indian and Indigenous studies, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality studies, LGBT studies, Disability studies, and Latino/a studies. This website part of APAA's initiative to expand ethnic and gender studies at Cornell and is now live. It shows that these programs are not just about identity, but also about understanding the systems and structures around us.

Electronic Music

(independent project)

Data visualization/animation uses stems (isolated multitracks, i.e. snare, bass, guitar, etc.) from electronic artist Electrocado's song, Baited. Used wav2json to convert stem .wav files into json arrays of frequencies, then D3.js to visualize those frequencies in real-time as the song plays.

Tableaux Visualized

Cornell University

Final project for CS 4860: Applied Logic, visualizing decomposition and validation of truth statements with D3.js.

Print Design

Online Censorship

Visualizing Impact, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Co-designed 20+ page report on online censorship in social media and an accountability framework for content moderation

National Student Poets

National Student Poets Program

Visualization of 25 National Student Poet scholarship recipients and their hometowns

Cornell Research

Cornell University

Statistics and funding from the 2015 fiscal year for Cornell Research with Adobe Indesign

Henry the Poet

Henry Gonzalez, Kiskeya Libre

Poster and album cover illustration and design

Sacred Airs

Sacred Airs

Poster, booklet, and postcard design with Indesign and Photoshop for Sacred Airs concert


How do Fish Know When to Sing?

Cornell University

Animation about Andy Bass’s Lab’s research on the midshipman fish and how melatonin triggers their singing at night. Tools used: Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator. Featured on Cornell Research.

Robots, C3PO or Baymax?

Cornell University

8 second continuous looped reel representing abstraction of self-healing, soft robots. Tools used: Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator. Featured on Cornell Research.


Exercises in photoshop, charcoal, colored pencils, pen and ink


Exercises in the respective mediums. Oil paintings are done in imitation of existing works. Tools used: watercolor oil paint, gouache paint